D. A. MURNANE (ALEX) - Wattleview

Alex Murnane or “Pop” as he was affectionally known, became involved with Cockers in the early twenties showing dogs of Yurnga (Vern Mathews) breeding and in 1924 he and his family went to live in New Zealand where he bred under the prefix Austral.

On return to Australia in 1936 with 19 dogs (Pekes as well as Cockers), he found he was unable to keep the Austral prefix so changed it to Wattleview named after Wattle Park, Box Hill adjacent to where the family lived,

He and his wife Dix became members of the Cocker Spaniel Club and formed a lifelong friendship with Vern and Vera Mathews.  Alex was Vice President for 20 years and on Vern’s death became President for 2 years.  He was also licenced to judge Group 1, 2 and 3.

He made up many Wattleview champions, Wanderer, Black Gillian, Suzette and Winsome to name a few. He brought an outstanding young dog from June Crawley in NSW, a black Ch. Shangri La Slogan (Wagsie) and did extremely well with this dog and his progeny.  He then bought a black bitch from the same kennel Ch Shangri La Showgirl (Cindy) who became a very popular showgirl.

To add to his kennel Pop decided to import a dog from New Zealand, Black Invader of Inverloch.  He was extremely excited to purchase this dog but on arriving at the wharf to pick him up was disheartened to find this furry black bundle asleep on a coil of rope.  Overcoming his disappointment he took’ Wagsie’ home and didn’t pay much attention to him until a few weeks later he decided to strip him out.  Needless to say underneath was an extremely good (and successful) dog!!!!

When Mighty Rare of Ware arrived in this country, Alex acted as his studmaster.  He also used this dog and produced a lovely orange and white bitch Ch Wattleview Wagtail.  From her he bred many top winning parti colours, some of which were shown by his daughter Joy Boyd.

He and Vern Mathews worked together on many projects including fading puppy syndrome which they treated with some success by testing the quality of the bitch’s milk with litmus paper.  He was always ready to lend a hand to all who had a problem.  Right to the very last he was always keenly interested in the breed, helpful to both breeders and exhibitors.

A truly great Cocker man and a friend to many. No-one who knew him will forget “Pop” Murnane.

Margaret Brodie


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