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This is a referral service only and the Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc does not list individual puppies for sale.


Puppy Officer: Gillian Robinson 

M: 0421 304 285

Enquiries are welcome between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

You are welcome to send a text meassage or email an enquiry to

[email protected] 


When searching for a puppy there a few things that prospective puppy buyers should be aware of. The information below is a guide only to help you in your search.

  • A breeder should be registered with the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) now known as Dogs Australia, with a state controlling body eg Dogs Victoria, Dogs NSW, Dogs Queensland etc.
  • They will also have a registered kennel prefix.  Dogs Australia is the only governing body in Australia for pedigree dogs. Only breeders registered with the one of the State Specific bodies can provide a Certificate of Registration (Pedigree) showing the breeding line of the dog.
  • Dogs Victoria will be able to tell you if the breeder you may be considering is registered with them or not. We recommend prospective buyers to contact Dogs Victoria to check. Or you can carry out you own search of registered breeders in Victoria on the Dogs Victoria webpage. 


You can also check other registered breeders interestate.


  • Each breeder requires a Pet Exchange Register Source Number which must be provided to new owners as part of the sale agreement.
  • Breeders must include the Microchip Number of any puppies that they list for sale.
  • Dogz Online has breeders who are registered on the website. Members must provide proof of membership with the State bodies as mentioned to advertise puppies for sale. Breeders usually list upcoming litters or older dogs for rehoming.


Puppy scams have been on the increase especially since the Covid-19 Pandemic. The first step to ensuring you are protecting yourself is ensuring that the breeder you may be considering is a registered Dogs Australia breeder.

Now that restrictions have lifted, the first warning sign is not being able to meet with the breeder and see and engage with the puppies and the mother. Some breeders may not own the sire but you should see the mother and pups. Lack of interaction is a huge warning sign. If you are considering buying a puppy from interstate, organise live interaction via a video chat and ask to see the puppies.

Be aware of surprise costs after an agreed price, make sure there is a contract of sale and be sure that you are able to see various stages of development of the puppy over the 8 weeks.


What is the difference between a “recreational breeder” and a “commercial breeder” as outlined by the Victorian Government

A recreational breeder is one who has up to 10 fertile breeding bitches and is a member of an applicable organisation such as Dogs Victoria.

A Commercial breeder must register with their Council as a Domestic Animal Business.  A breeder that has between 3 and 10 fertile female dogs, is not a member of an applicable organisation such as Dogs Victoria, and breed to sell, are classified as a Domestic Animal Business. Commercial Dog Breeder approval is required for those breeders who wish to keep more than 10 fertile female dogs on their property.


A Responsible Breeder

A responsible breeder is the best source for a well-bred, healthy dog. The breeder will carefully select the parents of each litter to emphasize desirable attributes that best meet the breed standard. They are not interested in breeding for the sake of selling puppies or to make money but in breeding for the betterment of the breed. Most recreational breeders only have a few dogs and a few litters each year.  A recreational breeder is one who is genuinely interested in and involved in the breed whether it be in Conformation Showing or other Dog Sports such Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Field Trials, Dance With Dogs etc and are members of their chosen breed club.

A Responsible Breeder

Only has a few litters each year and only has one or two breeds

Is actively involved in the breed through club membership and canine activities

Breeds to improve the breed standard and intends to keep puppies for future breeding programs to continue their blood lines

Chooses dogs for breeding that are free of serious health and temperament problems

Carries out DNA testing for known hereditary diseases in the breed to ensure that puppies are not affected and is able to provide health testing certificates for both parents

Provides referrals and contact details of other responsible breeders

Socializes their puppies to many environmental situations

Provides a written Dogs Victoria Contract of Agreement including their Membership Number, Pet Exchange Register Source Number and Microchip Number of the puppy

Provides a pedigree from the state governing body eg Dogs Victoria

Provides a Vet Health Certificate with vaccination and worming records

Provides information on the care and welfare of the puppy in relation to diet, socialisation, bedding, exercise, grooming, training etc

Enables you to visit and interact with their dogs

Has dogs that healthy and well cared for in clean surroundings

Ask questions about you and your situation as they are care about who their puppies are going to

If for whatever reason circumstances change, is willing to take the dog back





Contact Details

Secretary: Gillian Robinson

Phone: 0421 304 285

email: [email protected]