Vic Performance Dog Clubs


​Melbourne Performance Dog Clubs

​Please find here a list of clubs for those interested in pursuing the following activities with their cockers: Obedience training, Agility, Dancing with Dogs.



Most Obedience Clubs have Agility training

Berwick Obedience Dog Club

Mrs Melissa Scott 9796 9496

[email protected]


Craigieburn Dog Obedience Group Inc

Mrs Fay Harding 9305 6901

[email protected]


Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Mr Gary McArthur 9723 7194

[email protected]


Frankston Obedience Dog Club

Mr Peter Gibson 0421 053 152


Geelong Obedience Dog Club Inc

Melissa Siktars 0406 409 517

[email protected]


Hastings & Dist Obedience Dog Club

Ms Kristen Papay 0409 401 161

[email protected]


Keilor Obedience Dog Club Inc

Ms Susan Krol 5941 4247

[email protected]


Knox Obedience Dog Club

Mr John Nielsen 9017 5440

[email protected]



Moorabbin & Dist.  Obedience Dog Club

Ms Christine Cuthbertson 9795 4591


Mornington Obedience Dog Club Inc

Mrs Pam Ford  0408 050 617

[email protected]


Northcote Obedience Dog Club Inc

Ms Glenys Barnes 0407 523 741

[email protected]


Southern Obedience Dog Training Club

Mrs Pam Wilkinson 9798 3323


Sunbury & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Mrs Barbara Lloyd 9744 6561


Werribee Obedience Dog Club Inc

Ms Noelene Jordan  0417 321 757

[email protected]


Westernport Obedience Dog Club

Miss Kirsten Bradbury 0408 695 262

Train at KCC Park on Westernport Hwy (Skye)

[email protected]



Action Dogs Vic Inc

Margaret Widelock 0413 107 038


Agility Dog Club of Vic Inc

Sandy Stockman 0425 762 434

[email protected]


Bulla Agility Dogs Inc

Mr Paul Gavin 8300 6555


K9 Agility Club Inc

Ms Susan Krol 5941 4247

[email protected]



Dog Dancing/tricks

Dances with Dogs Club of Vic Inc

Wendy Harrison 9782 1404


Melbourne & Districk Freestyle & HTM(DWD) Club

Ms Janette Wilson 0419 899 119

[email protected]




Contact Details

Secretary: Gillian Robinson

Phone: 0421 304 285

email: [email protected]