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  Name : David Wade
Web Site :
Country : Austria
How you found us : internet
Comments : looking for an older dog as i am not a spring chicken but enjoy a good walk, i have a large rural block plenty of space
Date : 24-Oct-19

  Name : Annette Cann
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Search
Comments : I had an American Cocker Spaniel called Holly who passed away a couple of years ago from a heart attack in the night. She had such a beautiful nature. She wanted to cuddle all the time. She told me when she wanted to go outside. Very cheeky too. She would lead me to the cupboard where the treats were kept and tell me that she wanted one. I am now ready for a new dog so I am looking.
Date : 10-May-19

  Name : Chris szczygielski
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Through talking to club members
Comments : Would like to have the priviledge of owning a cocker . I had one as a teenager then owned border collies for the last 38 years, tracked, herded, obedience trialed with them. Looking at downsizing with a more mellow, smaller and friendlier dog in the next two years.
Date : 3-Apr-19

  Name : Deb Allen
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Hello, I am admin for a Facebook group Senior Pet Rescue Victoria. There is a 15 year old English Cocker Spaniel for sale on the Victorian Dog Rescue site. I realise she is not going to be suitable for showing but thought you would have contacts for people who would take in this dog in her final years. She has health issues but who better to look after this poor dog than people who love the breed. I understand you may not be able to do anything however I thought it was worth a try. Thank you for reading this. Sincerely, Deb Allen.
Date : 31-Dec-18

  Name : Garry Briggs
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Interest in breed
Comments : Attended Cocker Show yesterday in Morning Greatly enjoyed seeing wonderful dogs and especially the exhibitors who were very generous with their time,knowledge and friendship to both me and my wife. The dogs ,breeders and owners are wonderful ambassadors for our great breed. I would encourage all Cocker Spaniel o Lovers to take the time to go along and see the cocker club shows as you can learn so much and appreciate the wonderful characteristics the is breed has to offer. Take the time ,you won't be disappointed!!! Great work to all those involved in running these shows.k9
Date : 26-Oct-14

  Name : Garry Briggs
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Joined CSCV
Comments : Great site.We have just got a new pup and I The info on the site has been informative and we just love looking at the wonderful pics of the adorable dogs. The site certainly conveys just how wonderful cockers are and what a fun,loveable breed they are. A great site for all dog lovers!!!
Date : 6-Jul-13

  Name : Jenny Hughes
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : internet
Comments : Congratulations on the new format - great profile of the breed and the club.
Date : 22-Dec-12

  Name : Natalie
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : Am getting my first cocker puppy in approx 5 weeks. Your website has been very helpful with information about the breed etc. I'm looking forward to adding a cocker to my life. Thanks
Date : 16-Nov-12

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