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Several of the Cocker Clubs from around the country established the National Cocker Spaniel Council of Australia, in the early 1980's with the first Cocker Spaniel National being hosted by the Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc in 1985. The show was judged by Richmond Weir of the famous Weirdene Kennels. 

The next was held in NSW in 1988.  From that time on, a Cocker National has been held every two years and hosted by the various states on a rotational basis.

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria has hosted this prestegious event on 4 occasions, 1985, 1992, 2004 and 2014, and again this year in 2022.



Each judge is selected by the state holding the National from the UK Judges "A 1"  Cocker Specialist List.

Judges have included

1985: VIC Mr Richmond Weir Weirdene Kennels

1988: NSW Mr Ted Creamer Cretoka Kennels

1990: SA Mrs Joyce Caddy Ouaine Kennels; M Glover (SA) Baby Puppies

1992: VIC Mrs Jackie Marris-Bray Helenwood Kennels

1993: ACT Mr Moray Armstrong Bitcon

1994: QLD Mr Ed Simpson Coltrim Kennels

1996: NSW Mrs Angela Hackett Lindridge Kennels

1998: SA Mr Rodney Wyatt Kendalwood Kennels

2000: QLD Mrs Jean Smith Sorbrook Kennels; M Spivey (NZ) Baby Puppies

2002: ACT Mr Doug Telford Courtmaster

2004: VIC Mrs Pamela Halkett Wiljana Kennels

2006: ACT Mr Andrew Jones Shenmore Kennels

2008: NSW Mrs Joanna Darby Classicway Kennels

2010: QLD Mrs Jinty Gill-Davis Rosecourt Kennels

2012: ACT Mrs Lorraine Palmer Robraine Kennels

2014: VIC Ms Pat Whitehead Ryallcourt Kennels

2016: QLD Mr Mark Boswell Marquell Cockers

2018: ACT Cancelled due to Covid

2022: VIC Mrs Sue Young Canyonn Cockers


For the Cocker Nationals, cockers are divided into two groups for judging:

AOC (Any Other Colour)

Solid (Solid colours)   


More information about the Cocker Nationals can be found on the Cocker Spaniel Council of Australia webpage.


Along with a record of results from previous years.


The Cocker Spaniel National 2024 is hosted by The Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW and details can be found below.





Contact Details

Secretary: Gillian Robinson

Phone: 0421 304 285

email: [email protected]